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In Line Inspection

Through our over forty-five years of combined pipeline inspection services experience, half of which was directly for an In-Line Inspection (ILI) tool manufacturer, we have established solid relationships with the major tool vendors. These relationships, combined with our experience in tracking their particular tools, have enabled our technicians to become very proficient with the requirements of the vendors? Above Ground Markers (AGMs) and site selection requirements.

Above Ground Markers

Upon job notification, the tool vendor is contacted by our Project Manager who requests the specification sheet for the AGMs. Our field technicians then work to identify and establish AGM locations, using only alignment sheets as a guide to each AGM site. Then, they electronically locate the pipeline and depth of cover to ensure that the AGM locations are properly established. Our crews work independently with little to no field supervision from our clients.


Prior to actual ILI survey/AGM selection, our technicians locate the pigging launcher and start driving the pipeline. The objective is to identify locations to place AGMs as well as identify any existing or potential hazards. From this information, a track file and tracking sheet are created that will be utilized by the tracking crews to follow and track the tool properly. Prior to any tool run, the customer is provided a copy of the track file and tracking sheet.

Tool Runs

Finally, our tracking crews are mobilized for the tool runs. Our technicians assist in tool verification and launching then begin tracking the tool. Upon run completion, the data is collected from the tracking crews and a completed tracking sheet is passed onto the client and tool vendor by the Project Manager for use in AGM pass selection.

Batching Services

In the event batching procedures are needed, options are provided to the client that includes batch calculations and tool preferences. McDonald OilField OperationS will manage the batching and provide the batching tools for the service. Although, McDonald OilField OperationS does not directly perform the separation and filtration, we do work closely with many proven vendors to maintain the integrity of the process.

Remediation Services

If remediation requires pipe replacement, McDonald OilField OperationS regularly compiles pipe information for GIS and operational purposes. Our field technicians will assist in field verifications, pipe tally and remediation procedures. At conclusion of remediation, McDonald OilField OperationS will present a binder with all dig information, including CAD drawings, photos and any other client required information. We will provide final dig information in both hard copy and electronic format.

Field Maintenance Services

In the event that the client requires any field maintenance, McDonald OilField OperationS is able to meet any needs in the field. Right-of-way maintenance, painting, sign surveys or additional asset surveys and most other ROW maintenance needs.