From the President of McDonald OilField Operations

Welcome! I would like to tell you a little about myself and my company. Prior to working for myself, I was with Tuboscope Pipeline Services for 18 years and moved through the ranks with my highest title being Operations Manager. In 2008 when they were bought by NDT, I took the opportunity to branch out and start on my own. I felt with my contacts and drive to succeed, a new venture was worth a shot. Hence, McDonald OilField OperationS was formed. Originally, I began just myself working with ILI tool vendors as a contractor/consultant and with other contractors doing pig tracking all over the US and overseas. However, we have grown into a much larger operation these days, providing more and more services. We have two full time employees that are ?client dedicated? and there are 14 other guys that contract to us on an as needed basis.

We have been performing the pig tracking, dig staking, supervision of ILI verification digs, assessments and repairs, GPS/AGM Survey, pipeline construction, fabrication and utility welding on an exclusive basis for a major Oil and Gas company since early 2011, while also performing the same services for other clients on an as needed basis. In addition to these services, we have two employees that are certified as Level 3 Field Engineers for an ILI company and also perform their ILI management. We provide line fill, batching and line cleaning with all types of pigs outfitted with 22hz transmitters.

Our newest service line is filtration, separation and chemical line cleaning. We have reached out to a group of men that have been providing these services for 30+ years and have a proven track record of success. Adding this service line as well as beginning a partnership with an Advanced Technology NDT company, is sure to be successful. The growth McDonald OilField OperationS has been experiencing is solely driven by client needs and requests. As with any new service, we are looking to expand our client base and I know that we could provide impeccable service that you look for. Having said that, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to look at and bid any upcoming projects that fit into our expertise.

– Kelly McDonald