Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

This is the most common test to detect leaks in the pipeline as well as examine the strength of the pipeline. McDonald Oilfield Operations partners with a third-party client to help coordinate the hydrostatic pressure test, from cleaning and filling to dewatering and drying. Our hydrotest documentation meets DOT requirements as well as provides data in an easy to read format. We know how important the operational planning that goes into each project is and we do our best to keep cost savings at the top of our list for our customers.

Pneumatic Pressure Testing

We offer pneumatic pressure testing even though it is rarely used. Pneumatic pressure testing is used on pipelines that are non-piggable and cannot be entered by water, thus air is used. McDonald Oilfield Operations has a specific procedure to ensure our technicians are safe and prevent any possible dangerous situations. Our technicians exercise caution and safely follow the rules and regulations while performing this test.