This is where we really exhibit our expertise.

We can provide immediate updates on exactly where the tool is as well as average and current speeds. McDonald Oilfield Operations knows that providing clear and accurate tool tracking information is critical for a successful ILI tool run. We often use our own AGMs in addition to the tool vendors AGMs and have saved runs by having the extra data. We provide the best equipment along with the best technicians and strive to always go above and beyond.

It is important to know where the pig is within the pipeline at all times.

Reasons to track your pig run:

  • Shows accurate & real time location of the tool
  • Helps prevent costly incidents of locating a stuck or lost pig
  • Important to have accurate monitoring of the tools speed


Above Ground Markers (AGMs) are surveyed tool tracking points to identify and record the passage of the tool in the pipeline. It is extremely important to have survey precision of AGM points during the tool run to efficiently and successfully track the tool throughout the pipeline.

McDonald Oilfield Operations works diligently with your company and the smart tool vendor to determine when and where AGMs locations need to be properly established.

AGM surveys are an integral part of inspecting the pipeline internally. A successful AGM survey improves the ability to identify irregular sections within the pipeline while lowering the chances of an incorrect dig location.


LiveMap software is included with every pig tracking project McDonald Oilfield Operations completes. LiveMap allows our technicians to monitor the pig’s location, speed, and estimated time of arrival. The AGMs also record data during the whole run, which allows our technicians to constantly monitor live data. LiveMap provides up-to-date and reliable run information to our clients.

Dig Surveying

It is important to have a surveyor who understands the different factors that can potentially impact an integrity dig, including land owner requirements, site access, underground facilities, and more.

Our surveyors for McDonald Oilfield Operations have the experience to ensure that the dig site access and survey is thorough and well-planned. We can provide sub-meter and sub-centimeter surveys.

McDonald Oilfield Operations can also provide a database of the survey information and pictures that can be kept and used for your subsequent inspection needs.

Example of Site Documentation